ISWA is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions and public and private companies from all over the world working in the field or interested in waste management. UCLG-ASPAC serves as the united voice and advocate of democratic local self-government, promoting cooperation between governments and within the wider international community in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a federation of the national member associations that covers the whole range of professional disciplines within the global surveying community. Marchers condemn evictions in the region and reiterate that “Changing Cities” must not be cities without the urban poor, just as “Building Opportunities” must be based on acceptance of the notion that adequate and secure housing is the cornerstone for a better future for the urban poor. Similarly, Bangladesh Railway has planned to bring its entire network under an integrated telecommunication system by laying optical fibre line over forty-four upazilas sub-districts under seventeen districts to build a much safer and more secure train communication system. It was established by General Assembly when adopting the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction in December to to ensure the Strategy’s implementation.

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UNDP works in more than countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. How to develop ICT infrastructure, in particular fibre-optic cables, in a cost-efficient manner is a perennial challenge ICT policy- and decision-makers face across the globe. It provides an international forum for discussion and development aiming to promote professional practice and standards, and aims to extend the usefulness of surveying sciences, knowledge and practices.

Waste Concern was founded by Abu Hasnat Md. SLoCaT has also published the first and second status reports 70000 assess the impacts and contributions of the voluntary commitments on sustainable transport to sustainable development.

These thematic programmes are identified in a bottom-up way from the work and interest of grassroots women’s organizations in our membership. UN Women supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality, and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to implement these standards.

We work with South Asian cities with funding support from various national and international partners by offering numerous opportunities such as participation in programs and projects, technical inputs, information services, trainings, conferences and workshops. Facilitated by UN-Habitat, GLTN has developed a global partnership on land issues and continues to take a more holistic approach to land issues by working towards the following objectives:. Our work brings together theoretical and scientific insights with social engagement, local knowledge, and shared learning to identify practical strategies at the local esscap and to foster the growth of applied knowledge.


The event at the Wat Kae Nang Lerng Community shared experiences in holistic human settlements improvement and promoted partnerships for sustainable housing solutions for the urban poor among stakeholders including government, UN, academia, community, and NGO’s.

The findings of this working paper will be shared at various platforms of regional dialogues and regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific, together with other comparable reports, conducted in other countries, such as China, Escsp, Republic of Korea1, Myanmar and Cambodia2. If Digital India and Digital Bangladesh have secap succeed, co-deployment of fibre-optic cable that exists in both countries will need to develop new governance models, revenue sharing systems and regulatory mechanisms and legal frameworks that support public-private partnerships and enable government and the industry to pursue co-deployment and co-habitation.

Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all. The Huairou Commission holds consultative status with the UN and actively participates in UN conferences and processes.

2012 World Habitat Day Commemorations in Thailand – 7,000 slum dwellers marches to the UN

At the forefront of research and analysis on urban development, the OECD works with mayors, regional leaders and national public officials responsible for urban and regional policies to address a range of issues — from managing urban expansion and congestion, to boosting competitiveness, innovation, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

ISOCARP encourages the exchange of professional knowledge between planners, promotes the planning profession in all its forms, stimulates and improves planning research, training and education and enhances public awareness and understanding of major planning issues at a global level. To get more information, to donate or to volunteer, please visit habitat. In order to achieve the goals and targets set in the Sustainable Development Goals SDGsensuring inclusive and affordable broadband access would be of paramount importance.


The marchers submitted petitions to the UN Secretary-General on the need for action to make wscap that all governments in Asia have pro-poor national housing policies that guarantee that the esvap have access to secure land for housing, provide for sufficient budgets to be allocated for housing the poor, and mandate people’s participation in disaster mitigation measures which shall not negatively impact the poor.

GIZ is a federal public-benefit enterprise with registered offices in Bonn and Eschborn. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD is a unique forum in which the governments of 34 countries work together to address the economic, social and governance challenges of globalization, as well as to exploits its opportunities.


The Partnership’s overarching goal is to mobilize global support to promote sustainable, low carbon transport on the global agenda on climate 700 and sustainable development.

Here are some facts and figures on ISWA:. Similarly, the development of telecom infrastructure is a top priority for Bangladesh and a number of initiatives, policies and plans have been adopted in recent years. In the Asia-Pacific region, we currently operate in 16 countries reaching out to over 2.

It engages in policy advocacy, research and knowledge management, capacity building and training, institutional development, project development and management, and information and best practices sharing and escao. We engage with relevant stakeholders through outreach, advocacy, thought leadership, global networks, and policy debates, in particular in the context of the post development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The objectives of ISOCARP include the improvement of planning practice through the creation of a global and active network of practitioners. The Results Eecap defines the vision of the Sustainable Transport community on what should be achieved in terms of improving rural, urban as well as national and regional access to goods, markets, jobs and services while minimizing the negative impacts on road safety, air quality and climate change.

Kemitraan Habitat is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fostering collaboration and partnerships amongst various stakeholders to promote safe, inclusive, and sustainable cities and human settlements 700 Indonesia.


The Cities Alliance seeks to realise this goal by:. The high costs associated with construction and maintenance of fibre-optic cables are often passed onto users, which has led to unaffordable Internet and broadband services in many developing countries. We particularly focus on strategies that address the fundamental challenges change poses for marginalized populations and those who lack the resources to adapt.

It has members in 54 countries around the world. It is rather of the opinion that the deployment of OFC along railway route for AP-IS will create enormous opportunities for creating availability, affordability, reliability and resilience of the broadband network especially for landlocked countries in the region.