Initial and Minimum Pool Size Set a zero value on this parameter. Pull down the combo box labeled Driver: The reason I prefer this approach is that I can be certain that the most recent driver is in use. Click on Properties and the Servers dialog will appear. Jelastic uses cookies and pixels on the website to improve your visit. There is nothing for us to enter on the Properties dialog. This is an updated version of what was posted on Feb 1,

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If GlassFish is already running then you will have to restart it so that it picks up the new library. Before we even start NetBeans we must do a bit of preliminary work. Click the “Ping” button near the top to make sure you’re connecting.

JDBC Connection Pool for GlassFish and Payara Java Application Servers

In the Common Tasks tree select Resources. What are the steps to configure multiple data sources? Such implementation allows reusing database connections cached in jbc pool. I have an enterprise app created in Netbeans 6.

Configuring a MySQL JDBC Connection Pool and JDBC Resource for GlassFish using NetBeans – Updated

Go to the Services tab and right mouse click on New Connection. To edit advanced attributes, click on the Advanced tab. Specify the ping option in the asadmin set command. This displays the Edit Connection Pool page. You can only set them when modifying an existing JDBC connection pool. Once inside, switch to the User accounts tab and click on the Add user account link.


You should see your screen like similar to this two images: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Go to Step 1a and manually add the driver. Try the answer provided for this question: On this last dialog you have the option of assigning a name to the connection.

Dani plz help, I dont what to do. I don’t want to put it in the project because that’s not how it’s deployed in production. Both these commands fail and display an error message unless they successfully connect to the connection pool. Glassfish 4 has a bug, try using PAYARA, its an improved clone from glassfish and this issue is solved plus oracle wont update glassfish anymore. Notice that in the list of available glasfish you are shown the connection URL and not the name you assigned to it back in Step 2.


Then select the Ping button in the top left corner of the page. This gkassfish one of that kind of things that can be glassfis challenge for beginners but, at last, is really simple, easy and fast to do. I guess there is no error handling or something.

Creating a JDBC Connection Pool (Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Administration Guide)

Within the appeared form, fill in the following fields: You wont notice the change, i promise you. Your email address will not be published.

Confirm resources creation with the OK button at the top. Driver you can choose any other but by now is the simplest option.

Click Go at the bottom of the page to initiate the addition of a database and user for connection pooling. Locate the jar containing the JDBC driver. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Click on Properties and the Servers dialog will appear.