SYS on my main system running with Message 2 of 4. The wired mouse was already connected, so I attached the wireless mouse, and rebooted. For the following, I installed all of Doug. This seems to be software related since I could make the lower right mouse button work again but I cannot fix it by updating drivers. I suppose it might have showed the mouse twice as I saw on the L , but I don’t see that this time. Okay, I put all of USB back in, then:

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All drivers and windows updates are installed just fine and I have used windows restore to rollback entire windows environment to a point when I’m fairly sure the touchpad did work allright but that did not help. So I figured it was a driver error and reinstalled the driver but that made the upper left mousbutton lenoovo while the lover right mouse button now responded as well as the upper right button. I will add this here, because it is the identical problem on my Lenovo ThinkPad?


Lenovo thinkpad l530 keyboard – mouse accessories & consumables computers Algeria

Reinstall touchpad driver, and installing a couple of old drivers did not help. It had a problem. Skip to main content. Of course, it was a quick check. The other was the wireless mouse. Multifinger scrolling worked as well. kenovo

#45 ( does not run USB mouse on Lenovo ThinkPad L) – USB

I will upload the information from USBDock, if it is helpful. Another observation is that when I restart my computer and my desktop is visible the mouse starts in a state like the left mouse button is pressed so if I move around the mouse a “highligt” rectangle is drawn in the desktop. I am pretty sure that they are on different OHCI controllers.

Register Sign In Help. No problem with the mouse, my antique USB 1. Ubuntu boot – well this was interesting, now the tap to click and lower right key worked on the touchpad. Otherwise, the T acts the same as the L It is only the one that was in DOUG. By going back to the EHCI driver, and keeping the rest of the package, the mouse will work.


Last edited 6 years ago by erdmann previous diff. What does this price mean? I then plugged the wired mouse back in, and heard the tune again. Okay, back to the L This item doesn’t belong on this page. The mice work fine.

New HP G R After I connected my wireless mouse, the wireless mouse is working. Thank you Mihi for your help. That information was gathered using version of the USB drivers.

SYS which is trace code and from the doug2. T, then replaced ehci with Andy’s version. See our Sustainability Report. I looked at USBT Message 3 of 4. ZIP that was really broken.

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