I really want to thank M-Sport who have been working so hard and deserve this victory as much as ourselves and Bentley. We may not have stood on the top step of the podium at the 24 Hours of Spa but, when only 10 seconds separates you and the winners after 24 long hours of racing, you know that you and your team have done something amazing. If you want to know how tough this race is, just watch my post-race interview. It is a bit unlucky but that is a lot of time. As a racing driver, I would always want to be leading the race throughout.

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Soucek & Soulet Join K-PAX Racing Roster

Vervisch was still in third but, after being informed he was some 30 seconds behind the leaders, decided to settle for the lowest of podium finishes. While most of the frontrunners racinng it safe and fitted rain tyres to their cars, further down the grid some drivers gambled by opting for slicks.

We knew most of the other guys were on wets so the plan was to take slicks and play the long game, but masime two laps I radioed in to say we were losing too much time. When you stand on the podium and look at the guys stood there with you, you have ultimate respect for all of them. This is where people much smarter than us drivers come in.

Obviously, the fight for the class wins was heavily influenced by the changing conditions as well.

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No doubt, the team did a great job with strategy. For 24 hours, we were faultless. The medical team was called and my teammates rushed over… so that they could take selfies over maximw as I lay on the floor!


We are happy to have won Pro-Am and hope to do the same tomorrow, but we might gain some spots overall as well.

We were definitely lucky, but we will take this win with both hands. Since they did not gain a sporting advantage, the stewards of the meeting imposed a euro fine. Questo sito si serve dei cookie di Google per l’erogazione dei servizi, la personalizzazione degli annunci e l’analisi del traffico. We have already shown our pace in the wet and dry this weekend.

This means that, while we are pushing our car to the limit, so is everybody else. Both carrying battle scars and war wounds, but both built strong enough to withstand being pushed to the limit on one of the most demanding tracks, for 24 hours.

Despite their 19 Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini starting only 32nd, they managed to finish 16th overall as well. However, a couple of minutes before the end of the pitstop window, a Full Course Yellow was called by the race director, to remove debris on the track.

So I have to give credit to my teammates, Vince and Andy, as well as the wider team. Max Van Splunteren in the Attempto Racing Lamborghini took advantage of the incident to pass Sanchez and claim third.

Of the 66 cars that started the event, only 34 crossed the finish line. You need to do something smart strategy-wise to get a jump on the rest of the pack. As a racing driver, I would always want to be leading the race throughout.


If you want to know how tough this race rqcing, just watch my post-race interview. But so did the race leader Chris Haase in the Audi.

A War Of Attrition – Bentley’s Maxime Soulet On The Spa 24 Hours | Mobil 1 The Grid

I knew that I needed to make sure this car crossed the line. The Audi may have won, but we had all finished the battle. Mixed conditions and a Full Course Yellow during the pitstop window meant that polesitters Laurens Vanthoor and Frederic Vervisch had to settle for third. He eventually crossed the line with almost three seconds in hand. We have only just received the car, and we have still a lot to learn. The drying circuit also forced cars on rain tyres to pit early.

I closed the gap for the first few laps but I was pushing so hard, wrecking my tyres in the process. That played into the hands of the drivers who had started on slicks and were yet to pit. Se prosegui la navigazione acconsenti all’utilizzo dei cookie. The Belgian gained more than 10 positions in the opening laps and was running inside the top overall when contact with a Lamborghini dropped him down the order. But, as I left the pits for the final time, I was in fourth place, with two of the cars ahead still to pit.

As they peeled off, I was in second place and just 10 seconds behind the leader.