It can also adjust pad sensitivity in 16 steps. Kinda nice, you don’t have to keep the manual close by because the back panel tells you everything you need to remember. Pad sensitivity is adjustable via the included utility software that is included on a CD. This is perhaps the most amazing thing about the unit. Finally, there is the “active” button which turns the slider on and off.

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As Akai driver support is terrible for legacy products, there is no software support for anything past Windows XP. Pad sensitivity can never be set, reset, or otherwise cleared or adjusted without using the configuration software via USB connector. I cannot seem to find a midi implementation chart anywhere. Its cool because you don’t have to use up a MIDI port on your existing interface.

These are easy enough to change on the fly without calling up the control panel ueb the computer.

It has no sounds of its own. Let the thumbs do the kiks in the bottom row of pads and let the fingers to the hats and snare in the next row.

Finally, there is the “active” button which turns the slider mpv16 and off.

AKAI Professional – MPD16

Mld16 very simple hack involves little more than disassembling the MPD16 and putting thin layers of tape on the underside of each of the rubber pads so that they contact the pressure sensing sheet properly. Finally, you can save these templates to a directory on your computer and load them as you need them. This is perhaps the most amazing thing about the unit.


This article is currently under construction and more information will likely be added, time permitting. Once correctly mapped to your sequencer, the slider works great for controlling high hats. The MPD18 is built around the pads of the industry-standard MPC and contains some of the same technology that gives tracks made with the MPC an unmistakably human feel.

Akai Professional MPD16 USB Midi Pad Control Unit | eBay

Just like a keyboard controller, you can connect it to any sounds source that has a MIDI input. There is a dedicated button for “full level”.

Just hold down a button 2 seconds and tap in the number on the pads. As I indicated earlier, you can set the midi transmission channel to any channel you want.

Akai Professional MPD16 USB Midi Pad Control Unit

However, for those who hate USB there is a MIDI output and all of the above functions are possible with the exception of setting pad sensitivity really not a big deal and saving templates. Features The MPD 16 has surprise 16 1. While it did take me a little while to get everything set up to my liking, I had absolutely no crashes while using the MPD16 or the included utility software.

One of the really cool features that MPD16 users will certainly enjoy is the polyphonic aftertouch, which was especially effective when controlling some particularly evil sounding patches from within X-treme FX. There is nothing that is complicated about this hardware.


There is a button for “16 levels”. The MPD16 changed all that, and allowed for a level of expressiveness while using the RM1x that I had previously not experienced. Possibly, you could route this in your sequencer. This set the velocity of every pad tono matter how soft or hard you hit the pad. So if you want to make different templates for your kits in your synth, sampler and soft synths you can. It is not a sampler or a drum machine: Now computer-based and other hardware module or sequencer based users can get in on the fun, without needing to purchase a full blown MPC workstation.

The MPD 16 has surprise 16 1. But if you are going to take it to a gig and connect to a sampler or synth without a USB port, then you will need the power adapter. I’ve tried both and they both work fine. But in the balance, the MPD16 makes me smile. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The command bytes depend upon what setting is being changed or reported: Pad sensitivity is adjustable via the included utility software that is included on a CD.