The default is Straight-through. Snapshots can be taken of master volumes only. The default file name is store. Changing the topology setting for one host portautomatically changes the setting for the paired port on the partner controller. The drive enclosure panel shows all enclosures in the system and the status of eachenclosure.

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When processing is complete, the mapping is removed from the page. Select the standard, snap-pool, or master volume whose cache settings you want tochange. A controller module stores enclosjre states of drives, virtual disks,and the controller in its nonvolatile memory. However, maybe having all that local storage will work out usefully someday. Click Change System Configuration. The Licensed Features Installed panel shows dcsi a license certificate file isinstalled and the status of licensed features.

The following figure shows how port IP addresses and mapped volumes arepresented if controller B fails.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Click Log Off at the bottom of the menu. Review the graphical representation of host port status.

The following dvice specifies the minimum and maximum numbers of disk drivessupported for each RAID level. Reverting to Original DataThe snapshot service has two features for reverting data back to original data: Correct Answers – 10 points.


msai MPIO issues – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Theuser configuration function enables you to define user roles by setting specificaccess privileges. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Write-back is a cache-writing strategy in which the controller receives the data to bewritten to disk, stores it in the memory buffer, and immediately sends the hostoperating system a signal that the write operation is complete, without waiting untilthe data is actually written to the disk drive.

If you log into SMU using multiple browser instances on the same management host, SMUconsiders all instances as a single user.

Type a name for the virtual disk. A database of managed objects accessed by network managementprotocols. If the drives are found, the systemautomatically removes the virtual disk from quarantine. The systemwaits indefinitely for the missing drives. A manual rescan may be needed after system power-up to display enclosuresin the proper order.

The encllsure data is storedin the snap pool associated with the master volume. Additional Status InformationThe following additional status msa201i2 will help you monitor the system: In the Set System Date panel, select the current month, day, and year. Caution — Before deleting modified data you must unmount the snapshot from datahosts to avoid data corruption.


Page 32 Access PrivilegesUser access privileges are based on the following user types: Set the following options: It also describes how to return spares to the pool of available drives. Configuring Your System for the First Time. On the Event Notification Summary page, for each category you want to be notifiedof, select a notification method.

You can not post a blank message. To fix such aproblem you might need to reset controller host ports channels. SIDSecondary controller identifier number. This value is rounded to the nearest Gbyte and is shown to the right of this field asTargeted Virtual Disk Size. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. Viewing Task InformationTo view information about existing tasks: