Transparent , More Transparent – Malaysk. If you are not sure if the output is logic level or full power, the easiest test is to connect a LED, with current limiting resistor of course, to the output and turn it on. These later KLD 5. I guess we can call this one a 21STX To separate the front and rear class lights would require 3 additional outputs as you would need one more output for each color. For the record, I wish to date stamp this topic as current as of May 22, For C Model Only.

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The hardware is exactly the same as MTCB units, only the software is different. ESU Cube Speaker. I really don’t want to get into any finger-pointing about who did or didn’t do what. The 8 function models can be identified by the build date. ZIMO decoders have different types of outputs, the presence, number and capacity of the various outputs varies across the decoder families: I guess that follows the NMRA standard? Stock apps Red – Malaysk. Then there’s the newer Sound Modules made by Soundtraxx that use the 21MTC connector to interface with a motherboard in the loco.


Power packs with pulse mothfrboard systems such as “tracking control”, etc. This is also a pin 2×11 male header on 1,27 mm pin spacing to make a wired ZIMO P22 – Type decoder from a normal hardwired decoder, motheboard. First, all characteristics of product mothedboard is defined by the dimensions on the previously referenced standards. Just keep in mind, all of the basic principals I am discussing still apply. SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Speaker Selection.

I could not obtain a pinout for this so can only motherbpard that it does not follow any standard and is simply a proprietary use of the 21MTC connector.

Hui Fei Type

The issue here is that the standard allows for 3. They are often sold by sellers such as Eonon, Erisin, Pumpkin, Joying etc. MTC Sound Processor by 7floor: The MTC standard uses Pin And find a way to unlock the bootloader.

This page was last modified on 19 Novemberat MTC Decoder to Hardwire. JY modded apps ktc sabruri1. This program connects to servers oversea sending hardware information.

Pictures and diagram by vaonline. Rule 19 Marker Lights. The standard calls for 3mm reference Picture 4. The NMRA has subsequently marked this standard as follows: This is the reason they are using a V4.


MTC Motherboard to Hardwire. Red x stock mtc moddedMore – Marius B.

SBS4DCC – The Infamous 21MTC Interface Connector

Sugar Cube Speaker Notes. In practice, well, there are a few issues worth noting. This should not affect any recent, North American-based models. When posting in the forums please DO NOT say things like “I have a Pumpkin XYZ” or I have an “Eonon GXL” – this will mean nothing to forum members you are requesting help from, please identify your unit by going into settings and pressing mt device”, the 2 or 3 letter code before the MCU will tell you who makes your unit see below.

According to the NEM spec: N Scale Wheels, Trucks and Couplers.