Department of Computer Science University of Cyprus. Class name can be found in a statement like one of these: The only real difference is that they call routines instead of accessing databases. It has been More information. JDBC does have a tool called “escaping” that can help make your statements databaseneutral. Creating tables More information.

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Col No Returns the name of one of the columns in the result set. Those who understand More information.

SAP Mobile Platform 3. Monitoring is important in order to quickly identify potential issues, More information. This article explains where to get the jTDS driver and the acdess changes that you need to make to Jon Juracich’s example to make it work with the jTDS driver.

Verify that the workstation s Operating System is Windows or Higher. Technology Foundations Conan C.

Start display at page:. It is intended for information purposes only, and More information. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


SQL injection is a technique used by a malicious user to gain illegal datagase on the remote machines through the web applications. Support is provided through public forums and mailing lists.

Accesssing External Databases From ILE RPG (with help from Java)

It is intended for information. Chapter 9 Java and SQL. System Requirements and Special Notes 5.

Daniel Liang This supplement covers the following topics: Sadly, the company who published these has taken them offline, so these links will not work. All information contained in this manual and all software applications mentioned in this manual More information.

Creating tables More information. Generic report program user feeds an SQL statement, and you print a report. With the Jet Data Manager you can transform More information. Wrapper for the Java executeupdate method. If you pass this parameter when setting the value for a column, then the field will be marked as null if the indicator is on, not-null, otherwise. All rights More information. Creating a database c. Returns a ResultSet object. Wang Yang wyang njnet.


Accessing External Databases from RPG

Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on. I added support for handling Null database values to the JDBCR4 service program, and described the new support in this article. Returns the number of rows affected or 0 for statements that don’t affect rows such as “create table” or -1 if an error occurs. Amazon’s trademarks and trade dress may. SQL is a non-procedural language. This was my original article on external database access, it was aimed at MySQL databases only.

The RPG sample code in this article will use this service program. If you pass this parameter when reading a column, it’ll be turned on if the field is set to null in the databaase.